From none to a ton! I've been meaning to write for decades, but always thought I had nothing to say. Repeatedly postponing starting a blog. Until this workshop. A game changer. Not only it taught me how to craft stories, but also where to find them. The workshop gives a framework you can use. Or confidently break it, knowing why and how. I feel much more capable when it comes to talking about my business or anything else. Invest in yourself and give this a try. You'll get skills for life. And you'll do it surrounded by fellow students who won't let you down.
Michel Antoine Castonguay
The workshop far exceeded my expectations. I'm a better storyteller. But here is the greater and unexpected value. It changed me. I learned to understand my feelings with clarity that I didn't already possess. Collaboration was incredible. On a single call with people from the US, Israel, Greece, Switzerland, I was struck by how alike we are, but at the same time, unique perspectives are invaluable. Because we were on a similar journey the rich feedback on my stories was better than I could have gotten from anyone else. There was a warmth and friendship formed in just weeks. I felt like we'd known each other for years.
Gary Peterson
Before I was very skeptical about online courses. This is my first online experience. You set the bar very high. Now, I have realized I can learn new skills through online workshops. I was also skeptical about the possibility of improving my story telling skills and techniques. But now I can see what to work on. I have started writing a diary in the form of 5Cs I learned at this workshop.
Esra Sertoglu
If anyone out there wants to learn how to tell a story, this class is for you. I would say that the class was a stunning success for me... and because I did it, I gained even more skills that will serve me well when I go back to working on my book.
Katy Dalgleish
I got more than I expected from this workshop! Great working structure, exercise prompts, and collaborative feedback enabled me to vastly improve my storytelling skills.
Weston Blundell
Initially I was apprehensive about taking the workshop because I didn't want others reading my remedial stories. What I learned is that having the opinions and perspectives of others is essential to making stories better. It is motivating, uplifting, and a real eye-opener to receive feedback from others who are on the same journey. The guidance from the coaches was critical, and the foundation of the core information provided, increased my confidence. My stories now have purpose. This is just the beginning.
Yoland Durden
Storytelling is a must to make change happen. I now know I have the confidence and methodology to apply it. I strongly recommend attending this workshop.
Eugenio La Mesa
Structure. If you know where to exert force, you can move mountains. And if you know how to tell a great story, you can shift a culture. The Story Skills Workshop teaches a framework that you can begin applying in your life today. And the cohort of students help to push you to dig deeper into your stories and absorb the structure of storytelling into your core.
Sean O’Connor
The Story Skills workshop taught me the power of generosity. Before the workshop I thought I was going to learn about telling better stories. And I did! What I didn't expect is that my entire approach to life and business would be transformed. Tap into generosity. Watch the magic!
Jesse Walker
This workshop gave me the opportunity to go deep into what makes a good story, how stories are used to make emotional connections, and most importantly, motivate people to action. We analyzed every aspect of our own stories, which was very challenging and revealing. Engaging with other people's stories drove home the universality of story, what it feels like to be the audience, and how to dissect and objectively construct a story. I became more conscious about the structure, mechanics, and purpose of story. I intend to continue practicing the skills I learned, and work to tell stories that will be more meaningful to my audience.
Cindy Safronoff
Before the Story Skills Workshop, I didn't really know the basics of how to tell a story, or what made it relatable. Now, as I exit the workshop, I not only have the structure of how to tell a compelling story, but also greater confidence in doing so.
Gage Bock
I've always been a good writer but felt that my public speaking skills were not as good. I took this workshop to find my voice and gain more confidence in public speaking. What I discovered was a highly collaborative group of people from all walks of life who provided positive feedback in a safe environment. The coaches and my colleagues have all been exemplary in their desire and dedication to help each other improve. Being able to tell compelling stories is essential to success in the business world and meaningful relationships in our personal lives. I would highly recommend this workshop experience to those seeking to become the best versions of themselves they can be.
Ben Griffith
I've struggled to tell stories my entire adult life, but after completing the Story Skills Workshop and thanks to the support and wisdom of the coaches, the community, and Bernadette, I can engage an audience, understand what details to include (and leave out), and most importantly, I've found the others! Thanks to all, and looking forward to staying connected and continuing the storytelling journey together.
Juan Cifrian
I came into the workshop with hopes, ideas, and a little fear. I came out with the realization that showing up - even for 5 minutes a day and doing the work actually works! I created stories that I am proud of and shared with a community of people that helped me feel seen, and pushed me to be better. If you want to really learn and do the work of storytelling - this workshop is for you!
Pauline McKinney
Before taking this workshop, I'd read a number of books on storytelling for business. I'd certainly learned from them, but knew I was missing something. I was frustrated since I couldn't get the empathy and reaction I was looking for when I told my customer's stories. They didn't get much readership nor reactions. They felt cold and factual, not alive, emotional and convincing. I knew I had to do something if I wanted to change people's lives. I knew I had to find a better way of connecting with people. The Story Skills workshop filled the gap. The interactions, the input I received, as well as the want to help others helped me see not only how I can choose better stories, but also how to tell them better. Along the way, I also learned how so many people want to help me succeed, how to have better conversations, seek out critical input and be able to provide it more constructively.
Arash Sayadi
The Story Skills Workshop has given me a story framework to really make our customers the hero of their world, and through the online collaborative forum, the confidence to put the framework into practice. This framework applies to all aspects of everyday life, and I'm now translating things into stories all day long! Thank you Bernadette and the team, for sharing this gift for life.
Juliana Button
I expected to learn more about storytelling. What I did not expect was to learn more about life. As my fellow students worked together through the curriculum we shared real stories of life, drama, work, parenting, childhood, success and failure. Each draft of the story we got better. Each new draft we gained a new insight. The possibilities for learning were endless. I feel like my storytelling skills advanced significantly; yet also learned how to connect and build better communities online. I made new friends and new connections across the globe. The Storytelling workshop was easily the best time/money investment I have made in recent years.
David Billson
The Story Skills Workshop is for anyone who wants to make a difference in their life and the lives of others. Bernadette and Seth help to demystify storytelling. As you participate in the workshop, with vulnerability and bravery, you come to understand, not only that you have a lifetime of stories to tell but that anyone, with the right tools and effort, can tell effective stories.
Lisa Cruz
This workshop gives you the skills and tools to understand how a great story gets told. More importantly, it's a safe space of generous and insightful feedback which pushes you to keep reshaping and retelling so that you can feel when you've got it right.
Jen Stumbles
As a former journalist, I always felt confident about my storytelling abilities, but this workshop allowed me to push through the mindset of an objective observer and into one of empathy. This workshop has helped me become a better marketer, better storyteller and even a better person.
Edmund Tijerina
Story Skills is a place to explore the parts of your life that you can turn into compelling stories in order to change the world for the better. There's a framework and a generous community that will challenge you to tell better stories.
Dave Bates
It's simple but not easy. You'll never look at a talk or a book or marketing campaign the same way again. Bernadette gives you the tools to understand how to construct an effective story, and by workshoping it with others you learn the craft in less than a month. It's powerful and life-changing if you choose to go deep and tell the stories you haven't previously shared. You'll write until it brings tears to your eyes, and then you'll write some more.
Paula Braun
Storytelling is an essential skill and it's not easy to learn. The workshop has grown me in more ways than the degrees I've done thanks to how it's delivered and the incredible people it attracts. I cannot think of a better thing you can do for yourself.
Rosie Odsey
The Story Skills Workshop will help you if you want to tell better stories whether to your kids, to your employees or to a wider audience at work. You will learn how to uncover your best stories and deliver them in a way that is compelling and keeps your audience engaged until the end.
Cat Preston
Wow wow wow what a workshop! I can’t believe the transformation in my own understanding of the importance of storytelling. This workshop has been the best part of my days for the last 6 weeks. True magic.
Conor McCarthy
I became a better storyteller and that’s not all. I also became a better person because of the workshop, through seeing and hearing things better. I've met many people from the other side of the world who I keep connected with outside the workshop. But the most important thing is the feedback I received. It steered me in a way I’ve long forgotten about. It helped me see the true value in my stories. It gave me confidence, clarity and confirmation.
Roland Koronya
Taking part in the workshop was like looking for, and finding, buried treasure. I discovered my own stories, hidden gems I'd taken for granted which, thanks to the space offered by the workshop, I was able to polish until they shone.
Caroline Harvey
This is so much bigger than learning to write a story that will get someone to buy what you are selling. It delivers on that, for sure, yet it's the personal growth I experienced in people through the contraction and expansion of storytelling that had the most meaningful and lasting impact on me. This is a workshop I would sign up for again.
Kim Percival
Before The Story Skills Workshop I considered myself a decent storyteller. Now I know that the most evocative, moving, influential stories are comprised of a very particular storytelling DNA and I can now use this new understanding to move others, to serve others with my own stories.
Mary Ellen Bratu
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