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“Storytelling is now central to a marketer’s success; the best brands make you believe. And Bernadette is one of today’s master teachers in effective brand storytelling and the importance of making a difference. She reminds us, convincingly, that it’s about connection with the people we serve.”
It's a great journey. It gives you the skills and tools to understand how a great story gets told. More importantly, it's a safe space of generous and insightful feedback which pushes you to keep reshaping and retelling so that you can feel when you've got it right.
It's simple but not easy. You'll never look at a talk or a book or marketing campaign the same way again. Bernadette gives you the tools to understand how to construct an effective story, and by workshoping it with others you learn the craft in less than a month. It's powerful and life-changing if you choose to go deep and tell the stories you haven't previously shared. You'll write until it brings tears to your eyes, and then you'll write some more.
Story Skills is a place to explore the parts of your life that you can turn into compelling stories in order to change the world for the better. There's a framework and a generous community that will challenge you to tell better stories.
The Story Skills Workshop is for anyone who wants to make a difference in their life and the lives of others. Bernadette and Seth help to demystify story telling. As you participate in the workshop, with vulnerability and bravery, you come to understand, not only that you have a lifetime of stories to tell but that anyone, with the right tools and effort, can tell effective stories.
Lisa Cruz
A well structured approach to work through the process of why, how and when to tell stories, without the heaviness of doing work. The process and structure are exceptional.
Laurie Paleczny
A Bruce Lee power punch of a story skills course that provides world-class frameworks, tools and tactics as well as an incredibly empathic support system.
Lee Davy
The Story Skills workshop will help you if you want to tell better stories whether to your kids, to your employees or to a wider audience at work. You will learn how to uncover your best stories and deliver them in a way that is compelling and keeps your audience engaged until the end.
You think your life is ordinary, you don't have interesting enough experiences to talk about or if you do it sounds boring. On this workshop you will discover this isn't truth at all.
Marija Bakrac
I was surprised that the workshop wasn't about telling/describing my story, it was about the impact my story should have on who is listening to it. To think - why is it important?

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