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An Akimbo workshop with Seth Godin and Bernadette Jiwa

The promise of the digital age was that we could reach more people and capture their attention for close to free. For a while, we bought into the hype. But then our world became noisier, and we found ourselves having to shout even louder or pay just to be heard.

We learned over time that you can buy ads, attention and awareness, but you can’t buy trust—and trust, not attention, is what makes ideas resonate and matter.

The path to success is littered with great ideas that failed because they were poorly marketed. Too often our ideas fail because we haven’t told the right story, in the right way.

Your idea deserves better.

You don’t have to get caught up in the war for attention.

Your work is better than that.

You can’t change minds without winning hearts.

You can learn to tell better (true) stories—the kind that change how people feel, and in turn, what they do.

And you can do it by learning story skills.

Get your message believed, not just noticed

The people you’re trying to reach and resonate with are not convinced by facts. They don’t just want to know about what you do, serve or sell—they want to know why. They want to know your story.

Every successful individual and organisation has figured out how to influence and inspire people and create the change they seek to make by telling better stories.

  • Better stories add value
  • Better stories cut through the noise
  • Better stories give your customers a story to tell
  • Better stories are the backbone of every great idea

The answer isn’t more attention. It’s more affinity

Attention alone isn’t going to help your idea to gain more traction or your company to make more sales. Being invisible or ignored because your story isn’t resonating is frustrating and costly. Here in this Story Skills workshop, you can learn to be more influential by telling a great story that resonates in the right way.

A good story tells. A great story engages.

A good story informs. A great story moves people.

A good story chronicles events. A great story invests people in the outcome.

A good story changes how we think. A great story changes how we feel and what we do.

You already have a good story to tell. It’s how you tell it that makes it great. Successful marketing campaigns and brand stories don’t convince us. They move us.

A good leader gets our vote, and sometimes, our respect. A great leader gains our loyalty, and often, our love.

We don’t have to be smart enough to manipulate people to act. We have to be sincere enough to move them to act.

Great stories are how we do that.

Join us in this step-by-step workshop that shows you the mechanics of crafting and telling better stories. Become equipped with story skills you can use within hours and days—not weeks and months.

The case for becoming more ‘story skilled’

Story skills are essential in a world where ideas are most important currency because they are the most effective means by which we spread ideas and galvanise people to act. If you want to increase your influence and impact, you need to master the art of storytelling. You need to become more 'story skilled.'

Who is the workshop for?

The Story Skills Workshop is for anyone who wants to have more impact. It’s for activists and artists, entrepreneurs and educators, scientists and scholars.

It’s not for people who do average work or sell average stuff to average people. And it’s not for people who want to manipulate others to make decisions they later regret. This workshop is for people who want to make their ideas matter and make a difference in the process.

It's for people who know that to have more impact, they need to be more persuasive, influential and inspiring. It’s for people like you, who want to do work they’re proud of and create the future they want to see.

What is the workshop like?

The Story Skills Workshop is built, like all of our popular seminars, on the Akimbo workshop platform. That means you’ll be surrounded by others working on similar challenges. Most of your time is spent working on your story, your needs and your situation. And the rest of the time? You’ll be doing the work that leads to the most learning: teaching your peers what you know and helping them see a way forward. And they’ll be doing the same for you.

The workshop is self-paced, and you can complete it in as quick as seven days. It’s short, focused and direct. You can’t fall behind. Our students are juggling full-time work and other responsibilities. You can invest your effort when you’ve got the time and focus to do so.

The first rule of our workshops always applies: the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. We don’t give you a certificate or college credit, but something far more valuable: a different way to see your work.

There are 11 lessons, led by bestselling author Bernadette Jiwa, featuring lots of compelling story examples broken down for you. Each includes practical prompts and exercises to guide you. But you’re not paying for a chance to simply learn about other people’s storytelling secrets.

Instead, you’re enrolling in a journey with hundreds of others, fellow business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives in a hurry to make a difference. Your contributions to the cohort make the workshop succeed. They move everyone forward.

Through 11 lessons, you'll learn to:

  • Understand why stories work
  • Distinguish a good story from a bad one
  • Use the 5C’s story framework to create and tell stories that move people
  • 24/7 discussion board for personal feedback
  • Recognize what makes a good beginning, middle and end to a story
  • Peer network for discussion and team learning
  • Tell your own story better
  • Find and archive your own compelling stories
  • And more...

A workshop led by Bernadette Jiwa

Bernadette’s eight bestselling books are modern classics on mastering the art of storytelling to persuade, influence and inspire. Her award-winning blog The Story of Telling is a go-to source of inspiration for leaders from Disney, UNICEF, Louis Vuitton, Adidas, United Nations, Red Cross, Microsoft, Google, Barclays, Lululemon, Clarins, Dyson, Hilton, TED, FedEx, LEGO, Nike, Amazon, Stanford University, Hallmark, World Vision, McKinsey, Uber, Sony, Ford, Salesforce, Twitter, Mini, Oracle, Siemens, Morgan Stanley, Sky, General Mills, IBM, Bupa and more. Here's a rare chance to learn from a master.

Pricing details

This workshop costs $435.

Timing details

Our first session of the Story Skills Workshop will be offered in August 2019 and is a private beta for Akimbo alumni. If you're interested in joining us for a future session, be sure to sign up for the Tell Me More list.

The case for becoming more ‘story skilled’

Story skills are essential in a world where ideas are are most important currency because they are the most effective means by which we spread ideas and galvanise people to act. If you want to increase your influence and impact you need to master the art of storytelling, you need to become more 'story skilled.'

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